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Catherine Zeta-Jones + Chicas - “Cell Block Tango”

Chicago / 2002


sworn by phases / by Kermit Mulkins

Lovingly, Lunch Sack Poetry


Things Dumbledore Did That’d Be Creepy If You Did them









50 Shades of Abuse Flyer - Canada

Use, redistribute, print. 

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Okay. I understood all the flack Twilight got for being an abusive relationship. Because it was and it was being read by a very young and impressionable audience. But ffs, 50 Shades is an ADULT NOVEL. Iit is about a BDSM couple. Which - newsflash - do exist. It is a completely consensual form of dominate/submissive sex play. The whole concept of domestic violence and abuse is that one side exerts control over an unwilling victim. I don’t recall Anastasia, or whatever she’s called, protesting to Christian’s form of sex. If I remember correctly, she quite enjoyed it! So before you condemn a work of romanticizedfiction, actually consider it’s audience and remember that they are mature and capable enough to know the difference between reality and fiction.

so i guess you didn’t read the parts where he coerces her and the part where he continues after she has used her safeword and acts like a fucking creep whenever they aren’t having sex

it is the worst possible introduction to BDSM i could imagine

i know my shit okay

im hoping the people defending this book are 1. never getting into BDSM 2. not currently into BDSM 3. havent read the book bc i dont want to believe anyone is that fucking stupid

Let me




some fucking

knowledge on you right now.

Wanna know the BDSM mantra? Safe, sane, consensual.

So let me explain why this book was devoid of all three of these things.

Safe - In the first few chapters of the novel, Christian Grey tracks Ana’s cell phone to find her at a club. Takes her home when she’s drunk, changes her when she’s so intoxicated she doesn’t remember him doing so,and informs her he will be keeping tabs on her for her own benefit. This is not the behaviour of a respectable Dominant. This is the behaviour of a power hungry, abusive asshole who really can’t take no for an answer.

Sane - One of the most important parts of BDSM is aftercare. Scenes can be extremely traumatizing and intense for the submissive. Aftercare is anything from petting to cuddling to holding to sweet talking, whatever degree of gentleness a bottom would need to pull them out of “subspace”. How does Christian provide aftercare? He submits Ana to a traumatizing first time spanking experience AND THEN FUCKING LEAVES. AND GETS MAD THAT SHE DIDN’T TELL HIM SHE WAS UPSET. He’s the one who should fucking know better! That, again, is not the act of a responsible Dominant. It’s the act of a selfish abuser.

Consensual - Did I mention he undressed her when she was belligerently drunk? Tracked her phone to locate her? He also buys her a new car despite her saying no countless times. Now, consent is important for any kind of sexual activity at all. Consent means informed, consent means enthusiastic. Informed, enthusiastic consent. This is crucial in a BDSM setting. Scenes can be extremely intense, especially for the bottom. What is Christian’s form of obtaining consent? Handing Ana a fucking contract highlighting all the things he wants to do her asshole and asking her to sign it. She was a virgin (Don’t even get me fucking started.) who had never before been exposed to BDSM. Entering in that kind of relationship takes a gargantuan amount of trust and knowledge so you know exactly what you’re getting into. Not reading a list of kinks on a piece of paper and signing your rights to say no away. Christian didn’t offer her resources, he didn’t offer her information. He gave her an ultimatum. That is not the sort of consent a responsible Dom/me would seek from their submissive.

Fuck. This. book. It’s written in a shitty way, it’s a terrible example of a BDSM relationship (ask anybody already involved in the lifestyle and watch them go blue in the face just thinking about it), which is already faced with enough prejudice and misunderstand, and it romanticizes and glorifies abuse.

And this post is going into my bookmarks, because it is beautiful.

What scares me most is the fact that people, misinformed and ignorant people, will now try to enter the community/find play partners with the dangerous ideas of what BDSM is. They won’t respect a sub, they won’t listen.

And that can seriously hurt people. People can DIE.

I am most terrified that because of novels and movies such as twilight, and 50 shades of grey people are going to confuse love to an abusive relationship. With how many stories there are online about people being kidnapped then eventually falling in love with their kidnapper who abuses them and say they only do it because they love that person, one day some poor misguided person is going to be in an abusive relationship because they believe it is love, and all because people around the world are promoting abuse in the form of love. And THAT TERRIFIES ME. 

Island in the Sun


Island in the Sun / Weezer

The Merc With a Mouth Movie

Good evening and welcome to The Magical Mystery Blog.

Once again, I apologize for the unexpected and long hiatus. Work’s long hours have been killing me like Deadpool murders his enemies. Speaking of the Merc with the Mouth, today we receive a little treat from this year’s San Diego Comic Con. San Diego Comic Con is the Mecca of comics, anime, video games, geekery, literature, and cosplays. It’s located in the expensive majesty that is San Diego, California and is every geek’s version of Heaven.

The treat presented to us today was leaked film footage of The Merc with a Mouth Deadpool movie.  Deadpool is a Marvel superhero who has the regenerative ability, just like Wolverine. He is well versed with tons of weapons, is madly in love with Death, and has a tragic backstory. For years, fans have wanted a Deadpool movie since his role in X-men Origins: Wolverine.  Seeing Ryan Reynolds as the famous hero won fans’ hearts over, while crushing others. Following this part, Ryan voiced Deadpool in the Deadpool video game which turned out to be a blessing and a curse. It was a blessing for the plot, characters, and missions, but a curse due to its gameplay.

Now fans of Deadpool are eager to see how the famous superhero will slaughter across the screen while being insanely ridiculous.

What are you excited to see in the Deadpool movie?

If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking

Haruki Murakami (Norwegian Wood)


when you’re just about to fall asleep and nature’s like


The Easiest Recipe for French Toast

  1. Get some bread
  2. Toast it
  3. Put a beret on it
  4. Put a red scarf and mustache on it
  5. Put some black and white stripes on it (adding a baguette is completely optional and not frowned upon)

  6. Give it a French accent and name it something French (might I suggest Napoleon?)

  7. Enjoy.



happy birthday someone



Ever get into a relationship and you suddenly feel so damn girly you start buying dresses, outfits with frills, and wearing pink?