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Disneyland Haunted Mansion Blueprints

24” x 36” blueprints of the Disneyland Haunted Mansion Elevation and ride plan. Made the “old-fashioned” way - with ammonia activated paper on a Diazit blueprint machine.

Great as wall decor for the Haunted Mansion lover!

Get the Elevation blueprint Here

Get the Ride Plan blueprint Here

I was the sea and she, the storm; a sight to behold, but better apart.

Navin E. (via wordswritteninsilence)

Working Multiple Positions

Is great in a job and does not mean you are a whore. 

Customer’s wife: Oh you’re a receptionist here now!

Me: Yep! I cover this position every Wednesday and my coworkers take the other days.

Customer’s husband: Oh wow, you get around. I hate to tell you what you remind me of.

Me: *…….really?*

Working multiple positions in a job means that you can multitask, are flexible, can do a great of tasks, and more money for your paycheck. Those are qualities employers look for because it shows them that they can rely on you. Plus I like more hours because it means more money for me, which I can someday use to go to the Harry Potter parks of Universal.

And someday, New York Comic Con.

Why are blonde girls labelled as a ‘dumb blonde’ and not blonde men? Or do blonde haired men receive the same treatment?

I hate that there’s negativity about being a blonde

and it’s mostly due to the stereotypes and the media, right? What’s wrong with being a blonde? What, just cause you have blonde hair, you’re instantly labelled as moronic or as something negative? It’s stupid and it’s why I get reactions like this:

Customer: *Talking about a gift everyone was receiving at a work related event* Are you sure this is the one everyone has been getting today?

Me: As sure as I’m blonde

Customer: Oh. Well I don’t want to embarrass you. Okay, I believe you.

Me: *The fuck was that.*

Yes I’m blonde, not I’m not dumb, no I’m not some blue eyed floozy, nor am I some bimbo or a nymphomaniac. Know what I am? Gorgeous, cute, a bookworm, and intelligent. I’m not humiliated to be a blonde cause I rock this hair color and I love it. If people mistake me for the stereotype then they are clearly mistaken and believing something that isn’t true. 


I just want someone to fight for me, just once I want someone to be scared of losing me.



A few months ago my mama bought me this and I was wondering if one of you knew who the fuck is “Lupin the 3rd”

He is a thief from an manga that started in the 1967. There is also an anime that continues to this day.

latest series:

That is the most beautiful hoodie I’ve ever seen. <3